Coopers Farm supplies are holding a "Sheep FOOTROT Morning" at 8am on the 17th of February at the Mount Pleasant store (3211 Eden Valley Rd, Mt Pleasant) and welcomes everyone to attend.

Guest speaker - Chris Van Dissel from PIRSA along with other animal health supplies representatives in attendance.

Breakfast included!

Please BYO Chair

RSVP: 13th February for catering purposes

Mt Pleasant: 85682611 

Mt Torrens: 83894188

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

January 2017

Happy New Year!
Wishing all our customers and happy, healthy and safe New Year.

It has been a little hectic this last week or so with majority being affected by the loss of electricity some for up to 3 days! Might be worth thinking about getting a generator (just in case there is a next time) Come in and speak to Bronte about what generator would suit your needs best. 

Now that a lot of the dry feed has lost its protein, try a ‘Rods Salt Block’ to help maintain the condition on your livestock. 

We have a new range of Norton portable sheep ramps, panels and drafters, come in and check out our set up and pricing.

We have a new range of auger and drill bits from Sutton tools, great quality and reasonably priced.

Sheep News

Please keep an eye on your sheep in the up and coming months, its looking like a pretty big season for flies and spray on treatments (Clik, Venus, Swatta, Cyromazine) are already looking short. Please place your orders ASAP so we can make sure we have it put aside for you. 

Garden/House hold News

FLIES, FLIES, FLIES!!! They are everywhere! Both stores have a new selection of fly screen mesh for any repair that need to be done. We also have the old school ‘sticky ribbons’, fly catchers, fly bait and fly veils (for humans and horses). 

Agronomy News

Summer weed sprays- get your orders in now, as pricing is looking at going up and Sprayseed looking short. Looking back on last year Garlon will probably be short as well.
Viticulture- Speak to Craig and Anthony about fungicides especially after the weather we have just had! Don’t forget Surround WP to help protect your crops from the heat.

Joke of the Month

Sheila walked into the kitchen to find Bruce stalking around with a fly swatter.
"What are you doing?" She asked. 
"Hunting Flies" He responded. 
"Oh. Killing any?" She asked. 
"Yep, 3 males, 2 Females," he replied. 
Intrigued, she asked. "How can you tell them apart?" 
He responded, "3 were on a beer can, 2 were on the phone."

December 2016

Merry Christmas
From everyone at Coopers Farm Supplies we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy and safe New Year.

Coopers of Mt Torrens                                               Coopers of Mt Pleasant

25th    December Christmas day          CLOSED           25th    December Christmas Day             CLOSED 
26th    December Boxing Day              CLOSED           26th    December Boxing Day             CLOSED
27th    December Public Holiday         CLOSED           27th      December Public Holiday             CLOSED

1st       January New Year’s Day           CLOSED           1st       January New Year’s Day             CLOSED
2nd      January Public Holiday             10am to 2pm  2nd      January Public Holiday             CLOSED

***Otherwise trading as usual***

Speaking of Christmas don’t forget to call in and check out our giftware range, great gift ideas for the ladies and men in your life. We will have new stock arriving over the new few weeks.

Horse News
Tis’ the season for FLIES! We have a great selection of fly veils and plenty of Repel X in stock. With the warmer slowly coming in we also have Troy Electrolyte Replacer and Recharge available. Don’t forget ‘Filtabac’!

Garden News
Time to start mulching, we have sugar cane mulch available and this season’s pea straw is starting to arrive. Good time to fertilize your lawn with Prolific Blue fertilizer, get your lawn lush and green ready for Christmas.

Agronomy News
Viticulture - With a hot, hot summer predictedSurround WP’ is ideal to keep vine and berries cool and to help prevent losses from sunburn and heat stress therefor helping in increased fruit quality and yield. Ring Craig and Anthony for availability and orders. 
Broadacre – While sitting in the header (I know you don’t want to, but…) Start thinking about next year’s fertilizer requirements and speak to Anthony about pricing.

Joke of the Month
Dear Santa,
I was framed.