March Newsletter

March News 2018

Coopers Easter Trading Hours (Yes, Already!!!)
From everyone at Coopers Farm Supplies we wish everyone a happy and safe Easter break.

                                                            Coopers of Mt Torrens                Coopers of Mt Pleasant
March 30 Good Friday                       CLOSED                                       CLOSED
March 31 Easter Saturday               8am – 1pm                            8am – 12 noon
April 1   Easter Sunday                   10am – 4pm                                     CLOSED
April 2 Easter Monday                   10am – 2pm                                     CLOSED

Livestock tags orders, get organised and beat the 6 to 8 week delay in peak season. Don’t forget your PIC number, and what type of tag you require.

Heads up, there will be a price rise on all steel products in the very near future. This includes everything from all wire products, gates and fittings, hay rings/cradles, livestock yards, rails. If you are thinking of purchasing any of these in the near future please get in quick before the price rise.  

Animal Health

Please come in and speak to the boys about your pre lambing and pre calving vaccines. We can help direct you to what product will best suit your livestock. Ideal timing for pre vaccination is 6 to 8 weeks.


Keep an eye out this year’s fruit trees will be arriving in store this month. Also a good time to start preparing garden beds for your winter vegetables with a top up of compost and mulch. Don’t forget to fertilise your lawn and blueberries if you have them.


Broadacre: Please speak to Craig, Adam and or Anthony, about pre seeding rodent control as well as your spray, seed, and fertiliser requirements.
Viticulture: With Vintage well underway it’s time to start thinking about post - harvest fertilisation. Please contact Craig, Ben, Adam or Anthony for pricing and availability.

Huge Congratulations to Daniel from Eden Hall Wines for winning Viticulturist
of the year for the Barossa and Eden Valley region.

Joke of the Month

A couple was going out for the evening. The last thing they did was to put the cat out.
The taxi arrived, and as the couple walked out of the house, the cat shoots back in. So the husband goes back inside to chase it out.

The wife, not wanting it known that the house would be empty, explained to the taxi driver "He's just going upstairs to say goodbye to my mother."

A few minutes later, the husband got into the taxi and said, "Sorry I took so long, the stupid thing was hiding under the bed and I had to poke her with a coat hanger to get her to come out!"