November Newsletter

November 2017

Don’t forget Landmark Fawcett “Off Shears” sale is on the 15th November.

Please take note of price rises across the board, everything from fencing supplies, plumbing to fodder. We do apologise for global and local reasons this is out of our control.

Norton cattle and sheep yards lead time has blown out to early next year so please get your orders in ASAP.

Come and see Bronte about tank specials, majority of tanks are on special or have special deals available.

Animal Health News

Coopers are now stockist of a new range of Sheep drench “STARTECT” from Zoetis. Please come in and speak to the boys for more information.

Garden/House hold News

Plant bright summer flowers like sunflowers, and marigolds, salvia to get them ready for Christmas.
Please keep an eye out in both stores from now until Christmas much to the boys’ disgust our giftware range will be constantly expanding.

Agronomy News

Broadacre: Craig’s new super seed “Super Sweet Suda (SSS) Sorghums” it’s a very hardy crop with a very fast growth and regrowth. Ideal for summer break crops, grazing, high quality hay/silage for cattle and sheep.
Viticulture: While wooden posts are available get orders in for next year. Fast approaching flowering critical for choice of fungicides for downy and powdery mildew. Recent spray coverage demonstrations have resulted in incorrect estimation of point of run-off water rates which has led to under dosing of fungicides up to 25% in some cases. Please contact Craig and Ben for advice.