October Newsletter

October 2017

We have all your shearing needs, combs, cutters, wool bales, bale clips, stock mark, spray ink, Fine and course emery discs. We also have plenty of fly treatment available “prevention is the best protection”

It’s that time of year Hay Baling! We now have a full range of baler twine available. Please contact us to secure your stock.

Millipedes, spiders, and flies are on the move! Get on top of them now with Coopex, Out of Bounds, and Ficam.

Animal Health News

Once again please be vigilant in checking your livestock for worms and lice, it has been a shocking season. Please contact us for advice. Don’t forget to treat horses for worms and lice as well. Being this time of year Strategy T is the perfect rotational horse wormer we also have ‘Lice ‘N’ Simple’ to help treat lice in horses.

Garden/House hold News

Great time of year to get into the garden and catch some ‘rays’ we have a new selection of this seasons seedlings in stock. Natalie has been busy at Coopers of Mt Torrens and setting up a nursery out the back, go for a wander and check it out. Don’t forget to fertilize your lawn with ‘Prolific Blue’ perfect for the entire garden!

Agronomy News

Broadacre: ‘SPRAY BEFORE IT GETS TOO HOT!’ Keep an eye out for grubs in pulse crops and aphids in cereal crops. Please get your orders for Imidacloprid RWA seed treatment for NEXT YEAR now as suppliers are already mentioning it will be short next year.
Viticulture: Talk to Craig or Ben about the “4T’s” **Target, Timing, Treatment and Technique**
Also a good time to speak to the boys about Nutrition programs for flowering and fruit set as we have a new supplier NTS who have some great products available.

There is a Glyphosate price rise coming up soon please ring Craig or Anthony to secure price and availability now.

Joke of the Month

Man is incomplete until he’s married. Then he’s finished.