April 2017

Coopers Farm Supplies Easter and Anzac Day Trading Hours

Coopers of Mt Torrens: Closed Good Frid ay & Anzac Day
Public Holiday Easter Sunday & Easter Monday – 10am to 2pm
Otherwise Trading as USUAL

Coopers of Mt Pleasant: Closed ALL Public Holidays
Saturday the 15th OPEN 8am – 12noon
Otherwise trading as usual

Please keep in mind sheep and cattle tag orders can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. We need a PIC number, property address and type of tags or applicator to order.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner come in can check out our growing giftware range. We also have a brand new selection of pots and plants which would make the perfect gift for mum, MIL, nanna. 

The rains aren’t here yet but the mice are!!! WOW! Come in and get your rat and mice bait now! We have wax blox, grain, pellets, traps and glue boards. We also have a ripper of a product called DYNAMICE available in 5kg buckets, place your orders now.

Starting to feel like winter is here, keep your feet warm with a new pair of Rossi boots. We also have a new range of kids Blundstone work boots available.

Animal Health News

Start thinking about your upcoming vaccine requirements as some vaccines are already short.

Garden/House hold News

Come in and check out our new range of plants and Terracotta pots available. Now is a good time to put out your slow release fertilisers and top up the mulch on your gardens ready for the cold winters ahead.

Agronomy News

Broadacre - Its good time to put your snail bait out for the upcoming season for hills pasture and broadacre.
Viticulture – Start thinking about vineyard posts, get your quotes/orders in now.

Joke of the Month

What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water? It's going to take a while to get me hard I just got layed by some chick! 

Coopers Farm Supplies
Cattle REPROACTIVE on Farm Field Day

7th of April 2017
Starting at 8.30am finishing approximately 2.30pm
At Beauchamp (Beltana Station)
52 Whites Boundary RD Mt Pleasant

$40.00 including GST per person. Includes lunch

Guest Speakers, Andrew Hancock from Zoetis
Jamie Mossat, Cattle Vet from Roseworthy Uni
Colin Fawcett from Landmark Fawcett (Colin will speak about condition scoring & marketing cattle as an accredited auction plus livestock assessor.)
RSVP and Payment before 3rd April

Payment can be made via
Credit Card
Account Charge
A/C NO - 341976

March 2017

Southern Wires have a new promotion going with every pallet of Southern Wires purchased receive a FREE ‘Nitecore LED Flashlight’. Offer ends 31st March

Avenge is having a price increase this month (approximately $9.00 per drum) get your orders in and paid for before the 26th of March.

Now the green feed is dying off keep up with the stock blocks to keep their condition up. Ask the boys what will suit your stock needs best.

Don’t forget the pre-lambing vaccinations!

Now that technically summer has ended but just started (all a bit confusing) don’t forget we have chlorine tabs, granular, liquid, hydrochloric acid, pool floc, pool salt, inflatable pools and toys.      

Horse News:

Barastoc have brought out Groom in an 8kg bucket! Great to improve condition to the skin, coat and hoofs. Barastoc are running a 6 week competition – take photos of your horse weekly on Groom upload them and #barastochorse and go in the running for a year’s supply of Groom.

Garden/Household News

Now that the heat waves are coming it’s a good idea to use Seasol or Lig Kelp to help prevent stress on your plants it also helps with their recovery from the heat. Don’t forget to mulch we have sugar cane and peastraw available. Start thinking about planting your brassica vegetables.

Agronomy News

Snail problems with the upcoming season speak to Adam or Craig about when is the best time to bait. Local research has been done with Sardi and real time cameras showing results of when the time is for more efficient baiting is.   

Joke of the Month

A Scottsman, a Chinaman, a Pom and an Aussie were in the pub debating whose country was the best.
The Scottsman reckoned his was the best, because we got the greenest grass.
The Pom reckoned his was the best because they had the most beautiful flag.
The Chinaman reckoned his was the best because of their Great Wall.
The Aussie said we're the best, 'cos we got the kangaroo, and that can jump over your great wall, crap on your grass and wipe it's ass with your flag!